best eames lounge chair replica 2020

best eames lounge chair replica 2020

best eames lounge chair replica 2020

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best eames lounge chair replica 2020

Charles Eames wanted to design “a chair which was a product of mass production and mass production would not have anything but a positive influence on it; it would not be a substitute for handicraft.”   This perfectly captures how the Eamses intended mass production and craft to work together harmoniously in the design of the chair.  Their love of craft could evidently be seen in their own home and working environment as “they amassed an array of everyday objects, decorative ornaments and toys over their lifetimes…

they admired the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to materials often involved in the making of such objects.”   It isn’t surprising then that they translated this love into their own work.  However, in their earlier designs, they were more focussed on new technologies.  With their more affordable fibreglass reinforced plastic armchairs, “they had finally achieved their goal of mass-producing moulded compound curve furniture at prices the average person could afford.”

  The design of the Lounge Chair could be seen as a way of them combining their admiration of new technologies and traditional materials.  Herman Miller say that “the comfort and support built into the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman help explain their enduring popularity.  A dynamic blend of hand-craftsmanship and mass production techniques makes this possible.”   The mix of these two factors are what make the two materials what they are, and elevate them to a level of quality and luxury that people demanded in their furniture.

  Leather is certainly not a new material, and has traditionally been used to upholster chairs because it “has a high tensile strength and is exceptionally tough and resilient, yet it is flexible and…is soft to touch” , as seen in the club chair.  Herman Miller; the original and continued manufacturers of the Lounge Chair and Ottoman, state on their website that “colour variations and surface marks are an inherent characteristic of this material, which will acquire wrinkles and creases and develop a rich patina over time.”

  Illustrator Helen Musselwhite says of new technologies that “once you reach saturation point, people look for something else, and people always look to the past.”   It could be argued that this is what the Eamses did with their design of the Lounge Chair, by using traditional materials, but without completely disregarding their knowledge of new technologies.

Combining the cream Eames Lounge Chair

If you are in love with the cream-colored Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, choose complementary colors that will make it stand out in the room to draw attention to it.

Yellow, purple, red, blue, and orange go well with cream. Even though it’s a neutral color, not all colors help cream-colored furniture stand out the way it deserves to.

Gray and cream produce a calming effect, as well as lavender, cream’s complementary color. And, when paired with pure white, you can note the cream shade’s subtle difference.

The Selection of True Materials and Style Elegance

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The History of the Eames Office Chair

Charles and Ray Eames remain amongst the greatest designers of the modern era. True polymaths, they created groundbreaking films, buildings and textiles. In furniture, they produced iconic designs that combined sleek aesthetics, major technical achievements and, above all else, comfort. Many designers have since taken their iconic work as inspiration, spinning all sorts of stylish, innovative and comfortable chairs. Amongst the Eameses’ most famous designs was the Aluminium Group, commonly known these days as Eames office chairs.

The design was born out of a challenge set almost sixty years ago. The Miller House is now a National Historic Landmark, but in the mid-1950s it was a building site. The house was to be the epitome of modern design and its interior uncluttered, but homely.
Girard was a long time collaborator of the Eameses and asked them to
design high-quality seating that could be used both inside and outside the house.

Charles and Ray Eames’ chair was to be a revolution. They constructed the seat frame from cast aluminium, making it lightweight but strong. The Eames chair could be moved about with ease and wouldn’t be easily damaged. The frame was designed to support a stretched synthetic mesh. The material was secure, but fitted loosely enough that it could conform to the body of anyone sitting in it. This mesh was not a standard cover for the seat, but an integral, load bearing part of the chair’s design.

This form of seat suspension was a major technical breakthrough, throwing out the

rulebook that had existed since the Ancient

Greeks which said chairs should be a solid shell.


The first Eames lounge chair and ottoman was made as a

gift for Billy Wilder, the director of “Some Like It Hot,” “Irma La Douce,” and “Sunset Blvd.”

The heritage of the chair goes back to the moulded plywood chairs pioneered by the Eames’s in the 1940s. 

 Charles Eames said his goal for the chair was the warm, receptive look of a well-used

first baseman’s mitt and a special refuge from the strains of modern living.

The first lounge chair and ottoman produced by Herman Miller, in 1956,
made its public debut on Arlene Francis‘s Home show, a predecessor of
the Today show. Commenting on the unique design, Charles Eames told
Francis, “We’ve never designed for a fashion, and the Herman Miller
furniture company has never, ever requested that we do pieces for a market.”

The lounge chair and ottoman have been in production ever since and the rights are still

owned in the US by Herman Miller and today in Europe, the Middle East and

Africa by Vitra.

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